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Could you be a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative?

Posted on: 06 Apr

Name: Brendan Maccaoilte
Job Title:
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

How long have you been working at QuintilesIMS?
1 year

What career opportunities have you had since working for QuintilesIMS?
Since joining QuintilesIMS I have had unrivalled support and development from my manager to enable me to aspire to move into secondary care.   I feel like my career is strongly supported by my manager in order for to maximise my potential

What development opportunities have you gained working for QuintilesIMS?
Since joining QuintilesIMS I have been supported to further my learning recently attending ‘presenting with impact’ which has really helped me to be more effective in my call quality and home my presenting and influencing technique.  I was assigned a mentor for support through my ABPI and support in my new role and have found this experience invaluable in setting me up for success.  I have been on several QuintilesIMS and client courses around clinical knowledge which has enabled me to be successful in the role.
Why were you initially attracted to apply for a job at QuintilesIMS?
I was recommended QuintilesIMS through someone in the industry and after doing some research I was impressed by their size and opportunity in the pharmaceutical market.

What’s great about QuintilesIMS as a company to work for?
Benefits - I find the benefits that QuintielsIMS offer very strong in the industry from a financial perspective with quarterly bonus’s and company car along with the healthy living promotion showing me that QuitnilesIMS care about me as a person.
Culture – QuintilesIMS has a welcoming and professional culture with project managers that are very proactive and keep me engaged.  I have regular career discussions and work towards an Individual Development Plan.
Colleagues – Being assigned a buddy when I started really helped to get up to speed very quickly and I did not feel alone in a role that requires an autonomous style of work. My buddy was on hand to help me and it is someone that I still rely on now 1 year into my role.

What kind of people work for QuintilesIMS?
People that really care about patient outcomes and have a positive mentality

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining QuintilesIMS?
Apply now you will not regret it – take control of your own career with them