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Life as a Clinical Sales Specialist – E-detailing

Posted on: 06 Apr

Name: Jodie Edwards
Job Title: Clinical Sales Specialist – e-detailing
Location: London

How long have you been working at QuintilesIMS?
2 years

What career opportunities have you had since working for QuintilesIMS?
QuintilesIMS has been behind my development to become a MSL, the contracts that I have worked on have allowed me to push clinical projects with a recent opportunity to manage a pilot scheme integrating e-detailing into an established field based team, the result was an increase in sales.

What development opportunities have you gained working for QuintilesIMS?
I have been lucky enough to attend several courses that support my development with the most recent one being ‘presenting with impact’ which has improved my quality of sales calls, effective listening and probing resulting in excellent feedback on my call quality in the field.  QuintilesIMS promotes a healthy self-learning environment, widely supported by my manager.  Since I have joined I have worked across 3 therapy areas and become a ‘master of several trades’, which has allowed me to grow myself.

Why were you initially attracted to apply for a job at QuintilesIMS?
I am a single mother of 2 and needed the flexibility to work from home and manage my own time effectively to meet the business needs.

What did you know about QuintilesIMS before you joined?
Having worked for other CSO’s, QuintilesIMS has a strong reputation in the market in terms of progression and support

What’s great about QuintilesIMS as a company to work for:
Benefits - I love the ‘healthy You healthy Q’ this installs in me that QuintilesIMS care about my wellbeing as well as my professional career
Culture - The teams I have worked in ensure that I feel part of QuintilesIMS as well as the client by holding engagement forums, regular career conversations and individual performance plans.
Colleagues - I have found QuintilesIMS to promote a positive team environment combined with a strong support structure
What kind of people work for QuintilesIMS? Like minded individuals, people orientated living the values that people are our product they really care about our development and families.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining QuintilesIMS?
Do it today you will not regret it and see where your career can take you